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Educated at Delft Technical University, having owned a engineering company since, and the inventor on dozens of patents, Theo is a creative engineer and entrepeneur. Since 1997 he has also been working on technology in the field of solid oxide fuel cells, biomass gasification, and improving efficiency of combustion engines. Since 2005 he is actively involved in the energy and climate debate, and since 2010 he is active as a blogger on Wanting to understand more about the assumed effect of CO2, he dug deep into climate science and published his greenhouse gas theory and climate model on in 2012. Another project he started was a converging scientific dialogue between climate scientists of different convictions, supported by the Dutch government. Since 2013 he has been promoting the thorium molten salt reactor technology, organizing many meetings and symposia, and co-founding the thorium MSR foundation ( More of his interests, mostly unrelated to climate science though, can be found on his personal website
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