Posting rules

Since our goal is to discuss theories in a scientific way, the postings need to contain one clear scientific claim, and a supporting theory or existing science making a good case for it. In that way reactions can be kept on-topic and concise, and the discussion can begin.

So, postings should not consist of a long list of hypotheses, as part of a grand vision on climate of the author. We go one subject at a time!

Furthermore, postings should not be in conflict with scientific laws.

Authors are encouraged to add a clearly formulated summary and conclusion.

Links cannot be used as contribution to the argumentation. All arguments need to be in the text. Of course, when building on existing knowledge, this should be accompanied by

references, preferably with links. Links can also be used for supplementary explanation, for those interested.

Blog rules

Scientific method – In moderating the debate, we will stay close to the scientific method as based on the science philosophy of Popper. Please formulate your comments accordingly.

Email address – A real working, personal email address is required, so that we may contact you if needed. This email address will not be visible on the site.

Use your real name. We encourage that you post comments under your real name, as discussions should be transparent and traceable.

Comment moderation As of the start of this forum, comments are not pre-moderated before they appear. Appropriateness, on-topic relevance and scientific level will be checked after placing. However, if discussions tend to derail due to inappropriate comments too often, it could be decided to change to pre-moderation mode.

Links You may use links in your comments to substantiate your arguments, but not as arguments as such. I.e. always summarize or paraphrase the relevant part of the link you are referring to. Ideally links would be footnoted. Put a number in parentheses, and list out the links or references at the bottom. Please limit yourself as much as possible in the use of links, since comments with numerous links are difficult to read, and usually hamper the clarity of the arguments. On top of that, they are quite often removed by spam filters and will not reach us.

Institutions The Science Talks blog is about climate science and not about the merits of institutions or organizations involved with this science. Comments on institutions or organizations should be limited to references to their reports or statements.

Basic science is taken as proven The Science Talks blog accepts the standard laws of physics as proven. Arguments that depend on overturning standard physics are deemed not relevant, unless a significant part of the physics community has accepted that there is some merit to them.

Incorrectly attributing ideas Please cite or paraphrase comments by other discussants correctly and truthfully.

Ad hominems Avoid using ad hominems (criticizing or questioning a person’s character, conduct, expertise or interests); they are detrimental to the discussion and will not be allowed.