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About André Bijkamp (Chief Editor) - Andre K. Bijkerk was born in Heerde in 1953. He studied at the Royal Military Academy in Breda (specialty: Electronics and control technology), before becoming a fighter pilot in Canada. He attained a career with the Royal Netherlands Air Force at various airbases, the airforce staff and NATO staffs in Germany. His interest in climatology was awakened with the discovery of a mammoth mummy in North Siberia in 1998 which triggered several questions about the climate during the ice age.


.  A. K. Bijkerk[1] Introduction:  It is assumed that the accretion process of protoplanet Venus originally emerged much similar to Earth. Then it appears that the current enigmatic condition of Venus could be consistent with the planet having exchanged its rotational kinetic energy for heat energy at some moment in time. For instance, the rotational [...]

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Greenhouse gas CO2 , should not be feared.

Dr. ir. Frans C.H.D. van den Beemt (nuclear physicist) 15 March 2022 The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, COP 26, resulted in several countries making statements that they would aim to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2, based on the fear that these gases are warming the Earth dangerously by what they call [...]

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The real greenhouse effect

By André Bijkerk We start with the weather, but that helps us to understand how the real greenhouse effect works. I took this photo many years ago on a cold morning at the end of September, the beginning of autumn, the trees were still green. When asked if there is something strange going on here, [...]

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The sun caused 1,1 °C of the warming since the 17th century

The sun explains 93% of seawater surface temperature variance up to and including 1980s; ozone layer depletion caused more solar radiation on Earth's surface in 1990s, resulting in a persistent spurious relation between CO2 & temperature; afterwards the sun caused further warming in 21st century May 17, 2020 - Author: Martijn van Mensvoort |  English version |  Nederlandse versie In [...]

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The role of CO2 in our atmosphere

By Frans van den Beemt My own knowledge about the role of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere is based on fundamental physics. The following is a simplified explanation of the role of CO2 gas in the earth's atmosphere. The earth's atmosphere is quite complex. However, an explanation of the main issues is given below, which [...]

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On CO2 and the global mean Earth’s surface temperature

Increase of global mean Earth’s surface temperature due to doubling of CO2 estimated to be marginal. Guest contribution by Frans van den Beemt Abstract The aim of this study is to get an order of magnitude value for the increase of the Earth surface temperature at doubling CO2 concentration from 300 ppm to 600 ppm [...]

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Ice Ages, ‘Unsolving’ the mystery

Refuting the ice volume proxy by system dynamics.   Abstract Oxygen isotope (δ18O) data collected from ocean sediment cores (benthic stacks) are thought to be a proxy for global ice volume during the Pleistocene ice ages. However, the ‘system dynamics’ of accumulating ice sheets causes a phase shift compared to the original forcing signal, which [...]

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Ice age revisited, integrated insolation and the MIS-3 Mystery

Falsifying the supposed role of CO2 in the ice age cycles Category: Paleoclimatology Abstract In previous posts we have examined the climate/temperature mismatch between actual field exploration and the ice cores, during relatively short periods after the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). We have concluded that the isotope paleo thermometer from the ice cores is not a direct [...]

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The physics of doubling CO2 (full version)

Frans van den Beemt Computing HITRAN data, basic global temperature increase for doubling CO2 is limited to 0.16K-0.20K Guest contribution by Frans van den Beemt Full version of an earlier summary Long read. Abstract We analyzed CO2 absorption and emission of infrared radiation and calculated the upper limit of a possible temperature increase [...]

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