The sun caused 1,1 °C of the warming since the 17th century

The sun explains 93% of seawater surface temperature variance up to and including 1980s; ozone layer depletion caused more solar radiation on Earth's surface in 1990s, resulting in a persistent spurious relation between CO2 & temperature; afterwards the sun caused further warming in 21st century May 17, 2020 - Author: Martijn van Mensvoort |  English version |  Nederlandse versie In [...]

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The role of CO2 in our atmosphere

By Frans van den Beemt My own knowledge about the role of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere is based on fundamental physics. The following is a simplified explanation of the role of CO2 gas in the earth's atmosphere. The earth's atmosphere is quite complex. However, an explanation of the main issues is given below, which [...]

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