Greenhouse gas CO2 , should not be feared.

Dr. ir. Frans C.H.D. van den Beemt (nuclear physicist) 15 March 2022 The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference, COP 26, resulted in several countries making statements that they would aim to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2, based on the fear that these gases are warming the Earth dangerously by what they call [...]

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The real greenhouse effect

By André Bijkerk We start with the weather, but that helps us to understand how the real greenhouse effect works. I took this photo many years ago on a cold morning at the end of September, the beginning of autumn, the trees were still green. When asked if there is something strange going on here, [...]

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On CO2 and the global mean Earth’s surface temperature

Increase of global mean Earth’s surface temperature due to doubling of CO2 estimated to be marginal. Guest contribution by Frans van den Beemt Abstract The aim of this study is to get an order of magnitude value for the increase of the Earth surface temperature at doubling CO2 concentration from 300 ppm to 600 ppm [...]

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The physics of doubling CO2 (full version)

Frans van den Beemt Computing HITRAN data, basic global temperature increase for doubling CO2 is limited to 0.16K-0.20K Guest contribution by Frans van den Beemt Full version of an earlier summary Long read. Abstract We analyzed CO2 absorption and emission of infrared radiation and calculated the upper limit of a possible temperature increase [...]

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Revisiting the ice core isotope thermometer

André Bijkerk Isotopes in precipitation are essentially not a proxy for temperature but for humidity. Category: Paleoclimatology and Atmosphere This is the fourth post in series with the objective of revisiting the Pleistocene ice ages, demonstrating that several well-accepted scientific practices don't hold up very well in the big picture. In the previous [...]

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The physics of doubling CO2 (Summary)

Summary of a draft Research Article - Category: Atmosphere - Guest contribution of Frans van den Beemt - Physics of CO2 absorption processes: an original upper limit calculation of infrared CO2 absorption in case of a doubling of CO2 in the earth atmosphere Frans van den Beemt Abstract We analyzed CO2 absorption and emission of infrared [...]

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Heating the natural greenhouse

Kees Le Pair Guest contribution by Kees le Pair - Category: Atmosphere Abstract The gap between measured temperatures and the radiation equilibrium is more than 33 ºC as assumed in present day greenhouse considerations. Either the atmospheric greenhouse is not understood well enough, or rather there may be other mechanisms that help to bridge [...]

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