The African Humid Period

André Bijkerk As we in the north of the globe wonder about climate changes in the past, we think about ice ages, the equatorials however wonder about climate change as in monsoons changes. For instance if we zoom in on the Sahara in Google Earth we see remains of lush rainforests and numerous rivers in various shades of tan, leaving no doubt that [...]

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The physics of doubling CO2 (Summary)

Summary of a draft Research Article - Category: Atmosphere - Guest contribution of Frans van den Beemt - Physics of CO2 absorption processes: an original upper limit calculation of infrared CO2 absorption in case of a doubling of CO2 in the earth atmosphere Frans van den Beemt Abstract We analyzed CO2 absorption and emission of infrared radiation and calculated the upper limit of a possible temperature [...]

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Heating the natural greenhouse

Kees Le Pair Guest contribution by Kees le Pair - Category: Atmosphere Abstract The gap between measured temperatures and the radiation equilibrium is more than 33 ºC as assumed in present day greenhouse considerations. Either the atmospheric greenhouse is not understood well enough, or rather there may be other mechanisms that help to bridge part of or nearly all of a perhaps 60+ ºC [...]

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The mystery interval

Category: Paleoclimatology Sub category: the isotope thermometer of the ice cores. André Bijkerk Abstract The Anthropogenic climate change hypothesis has its roots in the climate reconstructions based on the ice core records of Antarctica and Greenland. Isotope ratios of oxygen and hydrogen in the ice are assumed to be proxies for global temperature. However, if we zoom in on specific periods, for instance [...]

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